POI Alias Discovery in Delivery Addresses using User Locations

Published in SIGSPATIAL, 2021

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ABSTRACT: People often refer to a place of interest (POI) by an alias. In ecommerce scenarios, the POI alias problem affects the quality of the delivery address of online orders, bringing substantial challenges to intelligent logistics systems and market decision-making. Labeling the aliases of POIs involves heavy human labor, which is inefficient and expensive. Inspired by the observation that the users’ GPS locations are highly related to their delivery address, we propose a ubiquitous alias discovery framework. Firstly, for each POI name in delivery addresses, the location data of its associated users, namely Mobility Profile are extracted. Then, we identify the alias relationship by modeling the similarity of mobility profiles. Comprehensive experiments on the large-scale location data and delivery address data from JD logistics validate the effectiveness.


He T, Chen G, Meng C, He H, et al. POI Alias Discovery in Delivery Addresses using User Locations[C]//Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems. 2021: 225-228. [SIGSPATIAL 2021].